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The Dual Battery Power Unit 25A + Battery Box is a compact metal unit consisting of a 25A DC to DC Dual Battery Charger, 2 input socket, 4 output sockets, 1 dual USB charger; fitted to a National Luna Battery Box.

The unit charges a second or auxiliary battery directly from the vehicle’s alternator while driving, or from a solar panel.

It is equipped with 375W maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charger. The output sockets provide easy access to your stored power.

This unit is a great portable option for those who do not want permanent installations.

In the box:

  • National Luna Battery Box
  • Dual purpose DC to DC Lead Acid Battery and Lithium charger.
  • Charges 12V Lead Acid and Lithium batteries from vehicle or solar panel.
  • Integrated 375W MPPT solar panel charge controller.
  • Eliminates dual battery switch.
  • Short circuit protection on inputs and outputs.
  • True 25A output current.
  • Compatible with smart-alternator.
  • Supports solar panels up to 45V.
  • Supports AGM, Wet, Calcium, Gel, Lithium/LiFePO4 batteries.
  • 3-stage intelligent charge algorithm.
  • Protected against reverse-polarity.
  • Unit protected against over-temperature.
  • 2 x Brad Harrison input sockets (1 x car, 1 x solar)
  • 2 x Brad Harrison output sockets.
  • 1 x Hella output socket.
  • 1 x Cigarette output socket.
  • 1 x Double USB-port.
  • Dual Battery Power Unit 25A unit.
  • Battery box


  • 350mm x 180mm x 260mm

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