Securetech Recovery Safety Lanyard 7000KG x 1,4m

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** Standard Lead-time on all SecureTech products may vary from 7-14 working days as they had a backlog of order due to COVID-19. They are working har to get the backlog down to get orders back to normal.

The recovery safety lanyard is attached to the kinetic energy recovery rope or snatch strap, to prevent any parts (e.g. shackle, recovery point, snatch rope or strap) from flying off in the event of a failure during recovery.


One of the above photos, shows the Recovery Safety Lanyard fused to the shackle, indicating the extreme forces that are applied during a recovery.  The Recovery Safety Lanyard prevented the shackle from 'whipping' back and hitting a vehicle or bystander.

** Product may vary slightly from product images above