Securetech Kinetic Rope 12000kg

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** Standard Lead-time on all SecureTech products may vary from 7-14 working days as they had a backlog of order due to COVID-19. They are working har to get the backlog down to get orders back to normal.

Using military technology to recover severely stuck vehicles via the kinetic capability of the rope (snatch). The rope is made of high tenacity, high elongation polyamide. It is is loosely braided and will therefore recover quicker after use. The eyes on each end have a loose reinforced sleeve for protection against sharp edges that may damage the rope.


  • Available in strengths from 8ton to 16ton commercially and bigger for industrial applications
  • Elongation is between 35 and 40% (multiple factors influence this)
  • Loosely reinforced plaited eyes
  • Highly visible polyurethane coating

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