Handheld 2K Portable Digital Endoscope

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Handheld 2K Portable Digital Endoscope - Wire Cam with Display

- IP68 waterproof camera.
- Special technology with a focal length .5 cm-500cm for the front camera and 3cm-500cm for the side camera.
- Equipped with adequate accessories, Hook, Magnet, which can adapt to a variety of environments.

- 4.5-inch full-color HD IPS screen.
- The resolution of the front camera and the side camera are both up to 1080P, good for image capture, video recording.
- Power on and play, no need to download software.
- 2600mah battery,5 hours working time.
- The light wheel is used to control 8+1 LED lights to work in dark areas.
- Can record video and take pictures, files will be directly stored on your TF card. Convenient observation and follow-up analysis.

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