Detail Ease | One Step - Swirl and Scratch Remover + 2 Pads

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One-Step correction compound polish effectively removes swirls, scratches, imperfections, and oxidation while giving deep dark colour, slickness, and protection to paintwork.One Step combines compounding, super micro-cutting technology to correct and protect paint surfaces, and provides a deep wet high gloss finish.

Now you can apply and get instant results by simply using our Orange and Grey DE polishing Hand Pads. Perfect for polishing and removing swirls, scratches, oxidation, and other contamination when a machine polisher is out of the question. These hand pads can be used for polishing mirrors, pillars, headlights, and any other part that needs it.  

  • Polish away swirls and scratches without a machine
  • Restore your paint’s colour, gloss, and condition
  • Safe to use on metal, chrome, painted surfaces, gel coat, and fibreglass and glass
  • 300ml Bottle + 2 Pads

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