Securetech 60mm x 5000kg x 15m Winch Extension Strap

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** Standard Lead-time on all SecureTech products may vary from 7-14 working days as they had a backlog of order due to COVID-19. They are working har to get the backlog down to get orders back to normal.

A strap suitable to extend a winch cable that may also be used as a pull strap,rated at 4.5 Ton

Winch extension straps are supplied to lengthen your standard winch cable especially when running a double line through a snatch block or when you are not close enough to an anchor point such as a tree, for your winch cable. The Winch extension strap is made from low elongation polyester webbing with reinforced eyes both ends. Rated at 4500kg minimum breaking strength to match the working limits of most 12V vehicular winches.

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