Securetech 3250kg Rated Alloy Recovery Bow Shackle

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** Standard Lead-time on all SecureTech products may vary from 7-14 working days as they had a backlog of order due to COVID-19. They are working har to get the backlog down to get orders back to normal.

A rated alloy recovery bow shaped shackle with screw pin (US Fed spec RR–C-271b) is used in a recovery situation to attach recovery straps, chains, cables or ropes as well as bridles and lanyards to professionally fitted recovery points.

The sizes suit a variety of vehicle weights so it is worth taking a selection.

Do not use commercial (unrated) or D shackles for vehicle recoveries.  Watch the video clip below of a simulated 'failed' recovery which may occur if the incorrect shackle is used.


  • On the rated shackle the pin and shackle body will be of a different diameter (pin is thicker).
  • The body is embossed with the Work Load limit and batch number.
  • The bow presents a larger inner working radius offering more space for attachment of straps and greater working angles when recovering.
  • Always remember to slacken off a shackle pin by one half turn before recovering, this makes it easier to open afterwards.

** Product may vary slightly from product images above