Securetech 3,5m x 4000kg x 16mm Tow Strap

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** Standard Lead-time on all SecureTech products may vary from 7-14 working days as they had a backlog of order due to COVID-19. They are working har to get the backlog down to get orders back to normal.

Tow strap 4000kg x 3.5m c/w 10mm D-shackles for on-road towing

Tow straps that meet the RTA legal requirements  for towing of vehicles on national roads.

This item gets supplied with commercial grade D-shackles which are not suitable for anything other than the towing of a vehicle on road. These should never be used for recovery work off road even though the strap is capable of being used as such.

The tow strap enables one to tow broken down vehicles securely and legally.

The tow strap should not be used for recovery purposes.


Various end fittings available

  • Snap hook
  • 10mm Shackle
  • 12mm Shackle
  • 16mm Shackle
  • 20mm Shackle

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