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The emergency recovery point.

A webbing emergency recovery point is designed for use in an emergency situation where a professionally fitted recovery point is not fitted.A  webbing emergency recovery point is used with a recovery link  and a  pull strap. The webbing emergency recovery point has a 50mm flat eye on one end and a 180 mm twisted folded eye on the other end .To begin the webbing emergency recovery point is fed into the 50mm flat eye and secured with the attached strap and buckle.Thereafter the webbing emergency recovery point is fed through the eye of the pull strap being used in the recovery and is secured with ea recovery link.This is then  creates an emergency recovery point ( as illustrated) when put around a suitable structural point on a vehicle .The link is fed through the twisted eye to complete the loop. The anchor point should be able to withstand the force of the recovery – (generally an axle or lower control arm, one should not attach to stabiliser bars or steering rods).

Please note; there should be no kinks in the rigging  of  an emergency recovery point or the pull strap. No bow or D shackles should be used in the set up, as they are potentially dangerous in the event of a failure.

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