IP Dynamics DUST SERIES EC 2020 - ROUND 2!

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IP Dynamics DUST SERIES EC 2020 - ROUND 2!

Yes yes you read it correct! It's time for Round 2 of the Dust Series hosted by BushPig Adventures, and mainly sponsored by IP Dynamics, in Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape.

The event was sold out within 3 hours! What an absolutely epic turnout this will be!
This event, same as round 1, has been blessed beyond words!

We are yet again proud to be one of the sponsors of this awesome 4WD event! We are sponsoring some nice prizes to some of the competitors.

One of the competition tracks will also be sponsored by 4WD Online.

IP Dynamics Dust Series Eastern Cape Round 2 at BushPig Adventures in Port Elizabeth.
21st November 2020!!!

Will we see you there and will you be spectating or competing?


A BIG thanks to Marcus Oshry from BUSHPIG Adventures for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this amazing event!


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